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Team Johnston Real Estate Provides Services to:

  1. Buyers looking to purchase a new home.
  2. Sellers looking to sell a home.
  3.  We support seniors as they downsize or move into a retirement home.

Some of the areas our team services include: Toronto, Danforth Village, East York, Centennial Scarborough, Pickering, Ajax and Whitby.

We are pleased to announce that we now service the areas of Wasaga, Collingwood and Angus.

We value the good reputation we have with our clients and that means service to the end and beyond!

The Real Estate Minute

Our Video Show where we provide you with valuable information on Real Estate, Our Communities and topics that help you plan your life.

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How Team Johnston Supports Their Clients


We recognise that all sellers, buyers and investors have different needs, therefore we customise our service to meet those needs.


We have a combined experience of working in the real estate industry of over 30 years, as well we have a portfolio of real estate assets which help to keep us informed and current in the market.


We focus a lot on working with seniors and support them as they decide to age in place, downsize, and or move to a nursing or a retirement home.


Our lives and our jobs are intertwined and we believe we need to walk our talk.  Be truthful at all times, kind to all, and commit to our families and clients.

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