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Preparing to list your home

• Comparative Market Analysis (“CMA”)
– Sold properties, Available properties, Expired listings
• Motivation for selling
• Market conditions
• How the property shows relative to “competitive”
• If needed, potential improvements and cost-tobenefit trade-off
• Potential price, strategy and commission

Decide on:
• Listing price
• How showings will happen
• Schedule for improvement work (if applicable)
• Timing for listing

• Listing agreement and documentation

Listing your home

Preparing your home for sale:

  • Take professional photographs to use for website listing, advertising, and feature sheet.
  • Place sign and lock box on the property.
  • Professional feature sheet.
  • Execute a comprehensive “launch”.
  • Staging where needed.
  • pre-home inspections.

Marketing plan:

  • Host an agent’s open house.
  • Host public open houses.
  • Local advertising, e.g. local newspapers, “Just Listed” postcard to neighbors.
  • Online web listing.
  • Place “wall-talkers” to highlight features.
  • With our in-house mortgage broker, create a financing options sheet to proactively address potential buyer’s
  • Prompt answer to all inquiries, i.e. quick response to a “sign-call” has the potential to turn an inquiry into a serious buyer

Showings and progress updates

• ONGOING prompt answer to all inquiries, i.e. quick response to a “sign-call” has the
potential to turn an inquiry into a serious buyer
• MAINTAIN marketing plan
• Provide the seller with regular progress updates such as:
– Information about showings and feedback
– New competitive property listings
– New competitive property sales
• Proactively get feedback from other agents that show the property and share the
information with you!
• When feedback has common themes, discuss and agree on action to address which
may include:
– Revisiting potential improvements previously dismissed
– Reconsider how showings will happen to overcome any obstacles to getting
potential buyers to view the property
– Review pricing, i.e. have one or more important factors changed?
• Consider negotiating strategies in advance of getting offers

Closing the sale

Service right to the end and beyond!
• Continue to market during conditional periods
• Have buyer assessed through in-house mortgage broker if desired
• Work with buyer and home inspectors to complete inspections and re-visits per the offer
• Work with appraisers to support lender process
• Deal with conditional clause removal
• Liaise with lawyers on offer and property details
• Available for closing day support