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Whether you are a parent of a Boomer-Born between 1919-1940, or a Boomer-Born between 1946-1964, or Gen X-Born between 1966-1979, or a Gen Y (milennial)-Born- 1995-2016 we have you covered.   We understand that you all have different life experiences and also are in different life stages and therefore your needs are different.

The Master-ASA Mission

A Master-ASA designee’s mission is to facilitate late in life moves in such a way as to ensure that senior adult clients and their families have access to professionals with a full appreciation for the unique circumstances occurring in transactions involving older adults and the competency to ensure their successful completion.

Let’s face it, you lead a busy life. If you are like most families,  you haven’t had the conversations you need to have to begin to plan a smooth transition for Mom and Dad. This is just one of the ways a Master-ASA can help – to being the conversation process.

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  1. What do I do will all my stuff?
  2. Top 7 questions to ask any Agent.
  3. What you need to know about insurance.
  4. Renting out of Canada.
  5. Transition Management Q&A
  6. What’s changed in Real Estate?
  7. Will your next move be your Choice? Or will Circumstances rule?